Announcing the WCF RIA Services SP1 RTM

You may have seen the announcement that Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is now available. Your Visual Studio SP1 installation will also include the RIA Services SP1 RTM (which can also be installed without Visual Studio SP1 by using this installer).

WCF RIA Services SP1 includes:

  • Support for complex types.
  • Support for shared entities.
  • DataForm Add/Remove support in EntitySet and EntityCollection.
  • Customizable code generation.
  • Localized resources.
  • Dozens of bug fixes.

For more details on these updates, see Jeff Handley’s blog post announcing the SP1 Beta. Since the Beta release, we’ve been finishing the localization work, updating the Silverlight Business Application template, and polishing off the last few bug reports. Enjoy!