Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the blog. First, a little about me:

My name is Brett Samblanet.

  • I work as a Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) at Microsoft
  • I work on WCF RIA Services.
  • I live just outside of Cincinnati, OH.
  • I work from an office in my basement.

A number of folks on the WCF RIA Services teams have blogs (you can see most of them on my blog roll on this page). I’ve always loved the thought of having a place to share ideas and projects with others, especially if it will help educate someone about some aspect of our product or computer science. I decided that this was (finally) the year to finally start this thing. I even committed to it with a domain name. There’s no turning back now.

I’ve got a general sense of what I want to post here, but nothing is concrete until you hit ‘Publish’. Most of these topics will come up at random, except for some mulit-part tutorials that I’m already working on. Here’s a list of topics you can expect in the near future:

  • Posts about WCF RIA Services
    • Building WCF RIA Services applications.
    • Testing WCF RIA Services applications.
    • Architectural explanations.
    • Explanations of new (and old) features.
  • Posts about Software Testing
    • How do we test at Microsoft?
    • How have we tested WCF RIA Services?
    • Interesting (to me) testing anecdotes.
    • My thoughts on testing strategies and techniques.